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Sports are an integral part of any institution of learning. They not only help keep the body healthy but also build various performance capabilities like endurance, discipline, introspecting, team building and leadership.

The facilities at GEAR encompass 3 wooden squash courts, 2 basketball courts, 3 badminton courts, a football field, table tennis, volleyball, handball, running, long jump, high jump and chess.

To learn more about Grade XI course combinations with Physical Education please click here.


We have two international standard synthetic Basketball courts; one indoor and one outdoor. Our indoor court is air-conditioned with supporting locker rooms for boys and girls. Our campus was the venue for the Junior NBA tournament held in 2016. At a short distance from our outdoor court is a series of basketball hoops set up at different heights, so that even the little ones can experience the joy of scoring a basket.


We are proud of our 9-a-side football pitch that can also serve as two 7-a-side or four 5-a-side fields.




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