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There are several occasions that are marked as special days at GEAR. Some of these are:

Founders Day: This is a special day for all the GEAR cubs and mentors since it is celebrated to mark our Founder’s Birthday. Children put up meaningful programmes based on the theme of the year.

Sports Day: The preparation for this day starts a month in advance, with the sports teachers conducting all the initial rounds of the track and field events and matches. The highlight of this day is marked by the March past lead by the School Captain and School Band as well as the seniors’ Basketball Finals. The day ends with National Day celebrations and a prize distribution ceremony.

GEAR Cubs Concert: It was Plato who once said "Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything." To add a little more relevance of music to the world, GEAR dedicates a day to our musically inclined Cubs. This concert is also a real-time experience and opportunity for our Cubs to perform and showcase their talents.

Talents Day: The entire program for this day is planned and executed by our mentors and Cubs. The children put up plays, dances, songs etc. that reflect the overarching theme of the year. Special care is taken to see that every single child from Grade I to Grade XII play a part on this day. As the name of the day suggests, it is an opportunity for the children to showcase their talents, whether it be script writing, singing, dancing or creating artistic props. To recognise the unique talent in each child, each child is given a talent certificate on this day. Also, at the end of the program, trophies are given away for various inter-house competitions held throughout the year.

MI ACT: Also known as the Multiple Intelligences Activities Exhibition, this is an event that is held every February that showcases the teacher-created materials, and activities that were used throughout the year. These materials would have been created by the mentors to teach a particular concept in an effective and enjoyable way. The students’ responses to these activities are also part of the exhibition.

This exhibition acts as an open house where the parents and public get to know about what actually happens at GEAR, in terms of the teaching methods and learning processes. It is a chance to see a glimpse of all the classes in action be it Sculpture, Yoga, Theatre, Karate, Music, Visual Thinking, Math lab, sports and games, academies along with all other hands-on activities of various subjects.

MI Odyssey: This is a fest that other schools are invited to participate in as well. At GEAR there is a conviction that children enjoy facing challenges as long as they have the freedom to exercise their multiple talents, and this is especially true in a group setting. During this Odyssey, the students are given a variety of tasks that all require them to don different thinking caps to complete. There activities are where the process has more importance than the product. This Talents Odyssey is a crafted opportunity for children to enjoy finding different ways and means to be creative.

Festivals: Every occasion is utilised to enhance learning in children. Celebration becomes part of school activities. Children plan and perform programmes during assembly time to bring out the story and significance behind various Indian festivals. Christmas is celebrated by singing hymns throughout the month of December, which is considered the month of compassion. Holi is celebrated by making natural colours using vegetable dyes. Onam, Ganesh Chaturthi, Raksha Bandhan, Eid, Diwali, Janmastami are some of the festivals that are highlighted during the morning assembly. Apart from these festivals, World Environment Day, Science Day, World Music Day, Hindi Day and many more of these “Days” are observed and highlighted by our Cubs.


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