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Assessments play a vital role in understanding what goals of education have been met and act as a checkpoint to understand a student’s understanding of a subject. Children should not fear this process or see it as a process of judgement that would find them lacking. Instead they should embrace assessments and be confident in their knowledge and skills. These assessments can vary from worksheets to projects or even a report apart from exams.

We at GEAR constantly observe our Cubs and track their emotional and social growth along with their academics.

Exams: All students have their final exams at the end of the academic year. Up until Grade 8, each paper is created based on a theme. For example if the theme of the Math paper is Harry Potter, the questions would be part of a larger story, asking the children to help Harry Potter solve the puzzles and answer the questions, so that he can complete his quest. It is not only the theme of the paper that makes the students interested in the exams, but also the questions asked.

The questions not only directly ask about the subject being taught, but a few questions also require creativity and skills of other areas to be involved. For example a 5th Grade science paper could ask the child to create a small poem about the inclined plane. Another question could involve asking the child to come up with various and unusual uses of a simple machine.

Worksheets: Throughout the year, children receive worksheets in each subject. These worksheets act as the homework for a child and usually involve simple and fun activities for the child to partake in. It is a way of consolidating what is being taught at school.


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